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Subpart A— In General § 327.1 Purpose and scope.

61389, October 18, 2006, effective January 1, 2007 and 73 Fed. 73162, December 2, 2008, effective January 1, 2009 except as otherwise noted.

327.6 Mergers and consolidations; other terminations of insurance. 327.12 Prepayment of quarterly risk-based assessments. Appendix A to Part 327 — Method to Derive Pricing Multipliers and Uniform Amount Appendix B to Part 327 — Conversion of Scorecard Measures into Score Appendix C to Part 327 — Concentration Measures Appendix D to Part 327 — Description of the Loss Severity Measure Subpart B— Implementation of One-Time Assessment Credit 327.30 Purpose and scope. (c) The president of each insured depository institution, or such other officer as the institution's president or board of directors or trustees may designate, shall review the information shown on each quarterly certified statement invoice.

327.11 Surcharges and assessments required to raise the reserve ratio of the DIF to 1.35 percent. 327.16 Assessment pricing methods—beginning the first assessment period after June 30, 2016, where the reserve ratio of the DIF as of the end of the prior assessment period has reached or exceeded 1.15 percent. 327.33 Determination of eligible institution's credit amount. (5) E-mail notification may be used by the FDIC to communicate with insured depository institutions regarding quarterly certified statement invoices and other assessment-related matters.

Any institution submitting a timely request for revision will receive written notice from the Corporation regarding the outcome of its request.

Upon completion of a review, the DOF Director (or designee) shall promptly notify the institution in writing of his or her determination of whether revision is warranted.

Penalties for failure to timely pay assessments are provided for at 12 CFR 308.132(d)(9).

Simultaneous collection of deposit insurance assessments and FICO assessments will resume in June of 2007, based on the March 31, 2007 reported assessment base. (2) Deductions from the assessment base of an insured branch of a foreign bank are stated in subpart B part 347 of this chapter. Each insured depository institution shall file and certify its quarterly certified statement invoice in the manner and form set forth in this section. (a) (1) Except as specified in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, this Part 327 sets forth the rules for: (i) The time and manner of filing certified statements by insured depository institutions; (ii) The time and manner of payment of assessments by such institutions; (iii) The payment of assessments by depository institutions whose insured status has terminated; (iv) The classification of depository institutions for risk; and (v) The processes for review of assessments. 67160, December 29, 1994, effective April 1, 1995; 63 Fed. 17075, April 8, 1998, effective July 1, 1998; 71 Fed. 69277, November 30, 2006, effective January 1, 2007] (1) The certified statement shall also be known as the quarterly certified statement invoice.(g) (1) The timely filing of an amended report of condition or other similar report under paragraph (e)(1) of this section, or the timely filing of an amended quarterly certified statement invoice under paragraph (e)(2), that will result in a change to deposit insurance assessments owed or paid by an insured depository institution, shall be treated as a timely filed request for revision of computation of quarterly assessment payment under § 327.3(f).(2) The assessment rate on the quarterly certified statement invoice shall be amended only if it is inconsistent with the assessment risk assignment(s) provided to the institution by the Corporation for the assessment period in question pursuant to § 327.4(a).

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(b) , unless the FDIC provides notice to insured depository institutions of a successor system.